What are the obligations of employers in case of Work injuries or illness?

17 January 2023

Shuchi Goel

Ministerial Resolution No. (657) of 2022 on Rules and Guidelines to Deal with Work injuries and Occupational Diseases has been issued


Who does this resolution apply to?

It applies to establishments with 50 or more employees.

What are the obligations of the Employer?

Monitor work injuries and occupational diseases 

Record of workers performing high-risk or hazardous jobs for a period of 5 years after termination of service

Conduct hands-on training for workers engaged in high-risk activities

Provide necessary preventive tools

Conduct and record periodic health examinations of workers involved in high-risk activities

Report work injuries and occupational diseases within the company

•      Investigate the reasons behind work injuries and occupational diseases and take necessary actions to protect other employees from them

To treat and compensate an injured worker for any work-related illness or injury

Compensation for work injury or occupational disease

• The value of the work injury compensation is calculated based on the worker's most recent basic salary. The worker receives compensation after the release of the medical report indicating the percentage of impairment within a maximum of 10 days.

•  If injury or illness results in the worker’s death, the compensation is paid to workers legal heirs in accordance with the laws of UAE, or in accordance with what the person decides before passing away.

• If a worker sustains a partial disability as a result of an occupational illness, or injury, the worker will be compensated with a portion of the value of permanent complete disability, in accordance with the percentages outlined in the Cabinet Resolution No. 33 of 2022.

•  A specialized medical committee will decide whether there is a complete or partial disability, and the amount of compensation due to the worker in the event of a permanent complete disability is equal to the amount due in the event of death.

• Before the injured or ill worker receives all benefits, the employer shall not end the working relationship and cancel the contract.

•  All rights will be safeguarded in accordance with the report provided by the relevant committee if the employee decides to terminate the employment agreement prior to the release of the medical report.

•  Amount of compensation due to the worker in case of permanent total disability shall be equal to the amount due in the event of his death

Minimum and maximum compensation:

Not less than AED 18,000 and not more than AED 200,000 equals

Reporting the injury

The ministry offers a number of ways to report any occupational ailment or accident, including calling the call centre at (600) 590-000, visiting businessmen service centres, or through the ministry's smart applications.

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