Banking Finance

The banking sector is one of the most influential and vital in economic development by financing investment, boosting domestic and foreign savings, contributing to the move forward with economic growth and developing other associated sectors. The scope of our legal services includes a wide range of banking and financial issues, notably Financing, refinancing facility, loan, guarantee, and shareholder's agreements. In addition to preparing for a negotiation, trust, commitment and charge letters.


At Alketbi, we strive to make the legal process as straightforward as possible for our clients. Our mission is to offer affordable, top-notch corporate law services that allow you to focus on your core business activities. You can rest assured that all compliance, contractual, and other legal matters are handled with us. We have extensive experience providing a wide range of Corporate and Commercial law services to our local and foreign business clients.


At Alketbi, we offer dedicated and qualified representation to clients in both simple and complex cases, ranging from ordinary car accident claims to challenging commercial litigation matters. We are often sought out as trial or appellate attorneys for complicated cases. We prioritize the use of arbitration as a means of avoiding the judiciary in certain situations, such as those related to long-term technology trade and joint ventures, which can have a positive impact on dispute resolution. Reach us; we would be honoured to expertly handle your commercial litigation matters.

Intellectual Property

Protecting and defending your intellectual property, whether an idea, innovation, invention, or business process, is essential for the success of artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. We understand the importance of copyrights, patents, and trade secrets in safeguarding your intellectual property. We represent clients in various IP disputes, including trademark breaches, dilution, false advertising, unfair competition, gray market disputes, deceptive trade practices, right of publicity, and advertising litigation. Our team has extensive experience handling such matters from trial to appeal, ensuring that your intellectual property is protected and defended to the fullest extent possible.


Our experienced team covers arbitrations administered by most international arbitration institutions to ensure you receive the best legal outcome. Our team of legal advocates also acts in various investment arbitration matters under bilateral and multilateral treaties and advises on complex public international law issues.
In line with the global trend, we are committed to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), specifically focusing on Arbitration & Mediation. We strive to facilitate the expeditious resolution of disputes while maintaining and mending the relationships involved.

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