23 January 2024

Josleen Deeb

The Saudi Ministry of Justice has introduced a new online service on the platform, facilitating the notification process for financial claims.

Riyadh: The service is designed for businesses and legal representatives to efficiently manage notifications related to outstanding debts. The key features of the Service are as follows:

  • Creditor Notification:
Creditors can utilize the online service to send official notices to debtors, specifying the amounts owed and the deadlines for payment.

  • Lawsuit Filing Option:
In case debtors fail to fulfill their payment obligations within the stipulated deadlines, creditors have the option to file a lawsuit to claim their dues.

  • Time and Effort Savings:
The primary objective of the service is to save time and effort for both individuals and businesses, particularly in situations where there is no dispute over the debt.

  • Compliance with Commercial Courts Law:
The service aligns with Article 19 of the Law of Commercial Courts, ensuring a streamlined process for handling financial claims.

  • Prevention of Unnecessary Lawsuits:
By providing a platform for official notifications, the service aims to prevent unnecessary lawsuits, especially when there is clarity and agreement on the outstanding debt.

  • Reliable and Authoritative Notifications:
The online platform ensures that notifications are reliable and authoritative, contributing to the efficiency of the legal notification process.

  • Reduction of Financial Litigation:
A key benefit of the service is the reduction of financial litigation, promoting a more efficient resolution of disputes related to outstanding debts.

  • Shortened Litigation Timeline:
The streamlined process facilitated by the online service contributes to a shortened litigation timeline, enhancing overall efficiency in handling financial claims.


The introduction of this online service reflects the Saudi Ministry of Justice's commitment to leveraging technology for the modernization of legal processes, providing a practical and accessible solution for managing financial claims notifications.


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