One time 30-day VISA extension service for 90day Visit VISAs from Smart Service Introduced in UAE

21 February 2023

Wail Elzain

UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (ICA), announced the implementation of VISA reforms

The UAE government has recently introduced new updates to the identity, citizenship, customs, and Port Security UAE system. This includes the possibility of extending visitor visas for relatives and friends of UAE residents, as well as the validity of pre-entry visas and the issuance of visas for family groups visiting the country for tourism or medical purposes.

Citizens of Gulf countries registered in the system without an Emirates ID can also now cancel and change VISA information.

For those who need to apply for a visa, they must submit photocopies of their passports, passport-size pictures, a confirmed roundtrip flight ticket, proof of accommodation, proof of travel medical insurance for UAE, a letter stating the purposes and duration of the visit, and possibly additional documents such as proof of financial status, proof of current address, and a marriage certificate. Citizens of certain countries can also enter the UAE without a visa for short stays.

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