28 August 2023

Shuchi Goel

Dubai: The UAE government has announced several federal rules for healthcare professionals in an effort to control their practice locally and create a national medical registration. The government also adopted legislation governing veterinary medicine and private healthcare institutions. Additionally, any individual who practices in the UAE without a license will face severe penalties under the law. The new laws highlight the following:

·       Regulating the practice of healthcare professions, including: nursing, medical laboratories, medical physics, functional therapy, physiotherapy, aesthetics, anesthesia, audiology, and radiology.

·        Aggravating penalties for healthcare workers who practice the profession without obtaining a license and do not meet the requirements.

·        The law refers to a number of medical ethics and professional conducts for healthcare professionals.

·        Updating disciplinary sanctions according to the violations committed with the continuity of the operation of private health facilities.

·        Establishing a national registry for licensed healthcare professionals in the country.

·        Allowing foreign entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in veterinary sector through establishing and owning veterinary facilities.

The Key Highlights of the New UAE Healthcare Regulations

Regulation of Diverse Healthcare Sectors: A broad range of health specialties is covered by the updated laws, including nursing, medical physics, medical laboratory, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, cosmetology, anesthesia, audiology, and medical radiography. With this all-encompassing strategy, the health industry is guaranteed to adhere to the same strict standards of expertise and ethics.

Penalties for Unlicensed Practice have risen: The law imposes severe penalties if someone makes fraudulent claims to be a licensed professional- through leaflets, signs, or any other method - intending to mislead the public. Penalties include possible imprisonment and fines between Dh50,000 and Dh100,000.

Offenders risk having their licenses revoked, being struck from the professional registry, and having their business maybe shut down. Individuals who meet the requirements for a health profession license but nonetheless practice or advertise service without the legal authorization risk fines between Dh10,000 and Dh100,000. The involved establishment may be closed down by the court. Healthcare professionals with licenses issued prior to the new regulations must amend their status within the term of their license or within six months of the law’s effective date.

Sustaining Guidelines for Conduct: The importance of professional conduct among non-physician health workers is emphasized by the new legislation. These recommendations cover a range of disciplines and emphasize the need of upholding moral principles and patient confidentiality. Professionals are expected to keep up with the local and federal laws, pursue personal and professional growth, and treat all patients with dignity.

Modifications to Disciplinary Measures: The regulations updated the disciplinary sanctions and line them with the gravity of the infractions. The laws also cover the ongoing operation of private healthcare facilities, which must constantly offer their patients high-quality medical care.

Establishment of a National Registry: The establishment of a national registry that gathers data on qualified healthcare providers nationwide is a significant development. This consolidated database simplifies the process of confirming experts’ qualifications and guarantees the openness and reliability of the healthcare workforce.

Veterinary Sector Foreign Investment Development: By enabling business owners and foreign investors to create and own veterinary clinics in the UAE, the new legislation demonstrates an innovative mindset. This decision is expected to increase the amount of foreign capital entering the veterinary industry, fostering its expansion and growth.

The government’s dedication to guaranteeing high ethical and professional standards among practitioners is highlighted by the UAE’s amended rules on the health professions and the veterinary industry. These modifications aim to protect public health and raise the standard of healthcare provided across the country by toughening sanctions for unlicensed practice and emphasizing upholding honesty.


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