13 January 2024

Mohammed Firas Badawi

Following the Federal Decree by Law No. (26) of 2022 on the Civil Use of Unmanned Aircraft, the UAE Federal Government has introduced Cabinet Resolution No. (110) on the UAE Regulation for Unmanned Aircraft of 2023 ("Cabinet Resolution").

Dubai: This resolution, effective from its publication on November 6, 2023, provides detailed regulations governing unmanned aircraft, including drones, across all emirates and free zones. 

The resolution emphasizes regulatory compliance, covering certification, documentation, and the responsibilities of manufacturers and importers. We outline the key regulatory requirements as follows: 

  • Approval Process:
Unmanned aircraft imported, sold, assembled, manufactured, or operated in the UAE airspace require approvals from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and the local aviation authority in the respective emirate. Design modifications or major repairs also necessitate approvals from these authorities.

  • Certificates and Labels:
Applicants must obtain certificates and labels from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT). The technical documentation file submitted to the MoIAT must include product description, designs, drawings, technical specifications, test reports, and other necessary documents.

  • Illustrative Marks and Tracking System:
Unmanned aircraft must display illustrative marks in Arabic and English, complying with standards set by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government (TDRA).
A tracking system, including data transmission, approved by the Cyber Security Council and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is mandatory.

  • Documentation and Certification Process:
Certificate of Conformity and Product Condition Statement (Article 12). The application process for obtaining a Certificate of Conformity and a Product Condition Statement is detailed in Article 4.
Compliance with the Standard Specifications outlined in Annex A is required for obtaining the Certificate of Conformity.

  • Grace Period for Importers and Manufacturers
Importers and manufacturers of unmanned aircraft are granted a 180-day grace period from the effective date of the resolution to align with its provisions.


These comprehensive regulations are designed to ensure safe and responsible use of unmanned aircraft in the UAE airspace, emphasizing compliance with technical specifications and safety standards. The grace period provides a transition for importers and manufacturers to adhere to the new requirements.


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