Fines to be imposed on Companies for Non-Compliance to Emiratisation requirements from July 1st

11 February 2023

Gandhi AlMinaj

The penalties under the amended scheme will now be imposed 'semi-annually'

The fines are not new. It is the process of implementing the Emiratisation scheme that has been revised.



What has changed?

The annual goal of increasing emiratisation rates by 2% has been divided into two parts, with 1% required in the first half of the year and the remaining 1% required in the second half.

In accordance with the UAE Government's directives, this measure ensures that the Emiratisation drive continues year-round.

After the implementation of the Emiratisation targets last year, private companies with at least 50 employees must employ at least 3% Emiratis by July 1, 2023, and 4% by the end of the same year. Companies that fail to hire 1% of Emiratis will be fined Dh7,000 for each unhired Emirati on a semi-annual basis rather than annually.

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