10 November 2023

Bini Saroj

Dealing with an unjust rent hike can be a major headache for tenants in Dubai, but fortunately, there are well-defined rental laws in place in the UAE that offer valuable safeguards.

Dubai: Dubai's rental regulations are primarily based on Federal Law No. (26) of 2007 on Renting of Properties, covering both residential and commercial leases, including freehold properties.

According to this law, landlords are allowed to raise the rent once annually, provided the increase does not exceed 5% of the current rental value. In cases where landlords and tenants fail to agree on an increase, the Rental Dispute Settlement Committee (RDSC) steps in.

The RDSC holds the authority to adjust rental rates, even if the landlord has issued a notice of increase. This empowers tenants to contest unreasonable rent hikes, with the RDSC having the final say on whether the increase is justifiable.

Should you believe your landlord has imposed an unjust rent hike, you have the option to file a complaint with the RDSC within 30 days of receiving notice of the increase. The RDSC will conduct an investigation and may decide to revise or even nullify the rent hike.

Dubai also offers various remedies for tenants who believe they've been treated unfairly by their landlords. These remedies encompass lease termination, rent reduction, and compensation.

It's worth noting that landlords must give tenants a minimum of 90 days' notice before increasing the rent. Failure to provide this notice allows tenants to file a complaint with the RDSC and request the cancellation of the rent increase.

In summary, both landlords and tenants in Dubai should be well-versed in their rights and responsibilities under the Rent Law. As a tenant, you possess the ability to contest inequitable rent hikes and shield yourself from unscrupulous landlords.


To sum up, Dubai has implemented rules and systems to safeguard tenants from unjust rental charges and create a rental market that is fair and equitable. It is important for tenants to understand their rights and the legal options they have to resolve any problems they encounter with their landlords. By being informed and taking appropriate action when necessary, you can ensure that your rental expenses remain fair and reasonable.

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