11 June 2024

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Dubai has implemented a comprehensive ban on single-use bags, aiming to reduce plastic waste and promote environmental sustainability.

Dubai: Effective from 1st of June 2024, Dubai residents will no longer be able to buy single-use plastic bags for a fee of 25 fils at retail stores as a part of a policy to phase out various single-use products by 2026.

What is banned?

All single-use bags, regardless of material, with a thickness of 57 micrometers (microns) or less are prohibited. This includes:

·       Plastic bags (previously banned in January 2024)

·       Paper bags

·       Biodegradable and compostable bags made from plant materials


  • Implementation Date: June 1
  • Objective: Eliminate single-use products by 2026

Purpose of the ban:

This ban is part of a global initiative to enhance sustainability, minimize environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and protect wildlife habitats. The ultimate goal is to create a healthier environment, which is essential for a sustainable and high quality of life.

What alternatives are available?

·       Consumers are encouraged to switch to reusable bags made from materials like cloth, canvas, or jute.

·       Stores may sell reusable bags at their discretion, but they are not obligated to provide them for free.

Environmental considerations:

  • Wildlife Impact: 86% of dead turtles on UAE shores had ingested plastic.
  • Animal Mortality: Many camel deaths are attributed to plastic bag consumption.
  • Marine Pollution: 100,000 marine animals are affected by plastic pollution annually.
  • Longevity of Plastic: Plastic takes over 400 years to decompose, causing long-term environmental damage.

The Municipality encourages the use of reusable cloth bags and has communicated the new policy details to stakeholders. For further information, residents are advised to follow updates from the Municipality.

Fines for Non-Compliance:

·       Businesses caught violating the ban will face a fine of AED 200 (approximately USD 54).

·       The fine amount doubles for each repeat offense within a year, with a maximum penalty of AED 2,000 (approximately USD 545).

Remember: By carrying your own reusable bag when shopping, you can contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment in Dubai!

In conclusion

Single-use plastic bags pose a significant environmental threat. They contribute to plastic pollution in landfills and oceans, harming wildlife and ecosystems. Dubai aims to become a leader in sustainable practices and reduce its environmental footprint. This initiative is expected to significantly reduce plastic waste generation in Dubai. This initiative is expected to significantly reduce plastic waste generation in Dubai.


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